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Zuma satellite is missing after the launch of Space

While everything went well, the satellite Zuma was missing. The latter would have been orbiting the earth after launching the Spacex 9, but has still not been discovered by the US Department of Defense.
But where is Zuma? The military satellite sent by Spacex on Sunday (January 7) seems to be missing according to US press reports. Did the shuttle crash in the last stages of its ascent into the Earth orbit, as Bloomberg thinks?

The United States Strategic Command, a Defense Department agency monitoring more than 23,000 objects in space, said it had not found a new satellite in orbit after launching Sunday, Bloomberg told a spokesperson for the agency. This seems to confirm that the space shuttle has disappeared.

Where would the mistake lead to the loss of Zuma? Two theses are presented. According to the first, the error would fall on SpaceX. A problem would have occurred on the second floor of Falcon 9, which would lead to the loss of Zuma, say two sources that were not mentioned by the news agency. However, a SpaceX spokesperson told Bloomberg that "all data indicate the Falcon 9 is functioning normally". According to the second hypothesis, the error lies with the Zuma satellite, which was not triggered correctly: the problem would therefore not come from the boot system and therefore from SpaceX.

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  • MIchael kelso

    Folks! Glad to read the falcon 9 worked fine after all your hard work driven on by a great visionary but if Zuma failed maybe objects of war either for defence or offence should not be part of mankinds travel across space.
    Please keep up your good work

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