Saturn v model Lamp - Space Shop
Saturn v model Lamp - Space Shop
Saturn v model Lamp - Space Shop
Saturn v model Lamp - Space Shop
Saturn v model Lamp - Space Shop
Saturn v model Lamp - Space Shop
Saturn v model Lamp - Space Shop
Saturn v model Lamp - Space Shop

Saturn v model Lamp

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When we talk about lamps that have been designed as a replication of the man-made space equipment, we cannot miss out on the titan that is the Saturn V Rocket model Lamp. As the denomination itself suggests, this lamp marks and celebrates one of the most crucial advancements in space science, the iconic and unearthly Saturn V model. On July, this year, the rocket celebrated its 50th anniversary as on 16th July 1969, the Saturn V Rocket was set on board from Kennedy Space Center. Furthermore, this rocket has been specifically imprinted in the books of history because astronauts like Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin set out to discover the untraversed realms of our solar system in this spacecraft.



When you look at the lamp model of the same, you will notice that its frame holds up the moment in which it was launched, meaning, the rocket is placed at a height little above the ground level by the red and yellow fire emissions during its takeoff. Taking all these facts into consideration, who wouldn't like to have something of historical significance placed in their homes? These lamps are not only good to look at but, serve a string of other purposes when obtained by the owner. Regardless of your degree of enthusiasm pertaining to science, the Saturn 5 model Rocket lamp belongs to that category of products that are bound to light up every corner of the room in which they are placed. For kids, especially, if they constantly see something in front of that holds an epic stature, they will be intrigued beyond just academic relevance.


One-button Operation: You can switch Saturn v model Lamp on and off using just one button that is situated underneath the lamp, on its base. You will not have to deal with those wires that have to be plugged in to switch the lamp on. You can easily light it up even when there isn’t a  power socket nearby


Rechargeable Batteries: Equipped with rechargeable batteries, you can simply use your Android charger to juice Saturn v model Lamp. Once you have charged it fully, you can take it out in the porch or garden or terrace and watch the lamp do its magic.

Energy Efficient:  It only takes up to 5W of power and runs for the entire night. This will also not reflect heavily on your monthly bills and serve as an important piece of home care needs

Lightweight and Portable: Unlike those traditional lamps, Saturn v model Lamp is easy to operate and carry around. Since it is lightweight, you can simply take it from one place to another without much hassle. It is also easier to wrap it for gifting purpose and presented to your loved ones


Specifications of the Saturn v model Lamp

Total height of large Space Shuttle lamp: 8.5 inch / 21cm

Battery: rechargeable 600mAh li-po battery ( built-in )

Charging time: 3 hours

Batterylife:  6 - 8 hours



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